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Cavinder Law Office and family law attorney Jason Cavinder provide intelligent, cost-effective family legal counsel to you, offering smart solutions to spare you the time, expense, and worry that inevitably accompanies family law struggles. We can be reached by telephone at (937) 751-4949, or by email at Our consultations are free and confidential.

Unfortunately there are sometimes difficulties in the family that simply cannot be resolved without court intervention. Matters ranging from divorce, custody determinations or disputes, paternity establishment, child support, and spousal support are litigated in the domestic relations (for married couples) and juvenile (for unwed parents) courts. Whatever the issue is, the consequences of such litigation can be confusing, frustrating, and may affect you for the rest of your life. It is crucial in these matters to have experienced and competent counsel protect your rights and aggressively advocate for your position.

Client Reviews

I knew right away upon meeting with Mr. Cavinder that he was the right attorney for my case. He took the time to hear my side of things without making me feel judged. He laid out what to expect in my case and gave me great advice on how to proceed. I felt confident and relieved after meeting with...


I recently hired Jason Cavinder to handle my divorce. I would definitely recommend him to anyone going through a similar situation. He was quick to respond with any questions that I had and always seemed to have me and my family’s best interests at heart. He was hones, fair, and a great advocate for...


I have utilized Cavinder Law Office on two occasions in recent years with quite different circumstances and found my experience with both situations provided me with favorable and worthwhile outcomes. I found Cavinder Law office to be professional, kind, and understanding to my specific needs. Jason...


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