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Traffic Violations are common, but are also complex. What many do not realize, is that they are, more times than not, defensible. Traffic offenses can and do adversely affect your life in numerous ways, including, but not limited to, loss of license, (and sometimes, as a result, employment), loss of work, vehicle impoundment, overwhelming financial sanctions in travel expenses, fines and court costs, raised insurance premiums, reinstatement fees, and in some cases, incarceration. The cost of an attorney could pale in comparison to these consequences.

Before a police officer may lawfully pull you over, the law requires that the officer has one of two things: Either “reasonable and articulable suspicion” that the occupants of the vehicle are, or were, involved in criminal activity, or, that the officer has “probable cause” that a traffic violation has occurred. It matters not how good of a driver you are, studies have shown that every driver on average commits at least one traffic violation every three quarters (3/4) of a mile of driving. It’s not that you are a bad driver; it is that traffic regulation is arguably convoluted and overly-complex.

Whether you have been cited for speeding, driving under suspension, failure to maintain an assured clear distance, a marked lanes violation, or any one of the countless other traffic offenses, Cavinder Law office and traffic defense attorney Jason Cavinder is well-versed in traffic law, and offers the most competitive rates for representation. We are ready to defend your rights and get you back behind the wheel with money still in your pocket. The consultation is free and confidential. Or, if you simply have questions pertaining to the area of criminal law or traffic law, our office is ready to help. We can be reached by telephone at (937) 751-4949, or by email at

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I knew right away upon meeting with Mr. Cavinder that he was the right attorney for my case. He took the time to hear my side of things without making me feel judged. He laid out what to expect in my case and gave me great advice on how to proceed. I felt confident and relieved after meeting with...


I recently hired Jason Cavinder to handle my divorce. I would definitely recommend him to anyone going through a similar situation. He was quick to respond with any questions that I had and always seemed to have me and my family’s best interests at heart. He was hones, fair, and a great advocate for...


I have utilized Cavinder Law Office on two occasions in recent years with quite different circumstances and found my experience with both situations provided me with favorable and worthwhile outcomes. I found Cavinder Law office to be professional, kind, and understanding to my specific needs. Jason...


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